Friendly Leeds based bike shop catering for all disciplines of cycling, from kids bikes to full blown downhill race bikes.

Crosstrax was started in about 2000, when Ed wanted to try something different with a bike shop.
The idea behind Crosstrax was that we were trying to be a friendlier shop and we wanted to get more involved in the local cycle scene. Since then lots has changed but the shop rides and the fun with mates on bikes is still at the centre of why we are here.
Starting out in Ed's garage fixing mates bikes we soon out grew this and then rented a wall in the Ridgesport shop on the industrial estate in Rodley.
This became more popular until we had to just get our own place and fortunately the Rodley shop, formerly the carpet shop became available in 2007.
This allowed us to stock some cool Yetis and get a feel for being a real shop. A lot of hard work and mistakes and fun in the past five years have now resulted in wanting more, hence the Adel shop, and we're still looking for cool kit and still enjoying our riding and doing what we can in the cycle community.
Staff wise, we think we have the friendliest bunch in the business, Jon Hobson and Aaron Barker formerly of chevin cycles has taken over the running of the Adel store and already we are seeing some great improvements in the stock and the service. We have had some celebrity shopkeepers in our time, Mark Thwaites, Keith Ainsworth and Ben Scholey, and Jo has been in too.
But by and large we are all bike enthusiasts and we enjoy what we do.